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Celebrate your birthday at the Safari!

Celebrate your Birthday at the Safari

A festive and magical activity during which the birthday children and their friends will become zookeepers for a day!


Take a guided experiential tour of the zoo, during which the group will get the opportunity to hear fascinating and entertaining stories about the animals, solve puzzles, play games, complete tasks, hand-feed the giraffes, face group challenges and most importantly- have a great time! And while at it, we’ll become zookeepers for the day!


The celebration includes a tour on the safari train through the open African park, where we will observe up close the herds of zebras, ostriches, rhinoceros and more...


During your tour you will be taken to a quiet and shaded area where you can eat and hold a birthday ceremony.

Activity Duration: Around 3 hours


Sun-Fri: 2,540 NIS, all-inclusive for up to 30 participants + 65 NIS for each additional participant

Saturday: 2,955 NIS, all-inclusive for up to 30 participants + 75 NIS for each additional participant

Prices apply until 31 December 2024.

For reservations and further information please call: 03-6320222

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