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A private early-morning guided tour of the zoo and the African park, even before we open up for visitors.


The private tour is designed for 2-10 visitors. Suitable for adults or for families with children. You could celebrate a birthday or any other joyful occasion, or just enjoy an exciting, surprising and memorable morning.

The guide will wait for you at the ticket office at 7:15AM and guide you to the animal-feeding tractor before going out to feed the animals in the open African park. Two of you could sit on the tractor and see from up close the rhinos, zebras, antelopes and hippos as they are eating their breakfasts (any other members of the group will watch the feeding from their own car).

You will then meet Lucas, the silverback male gorilla. Later you will watch the penguins eating their breakfast and have a close meeting with our elephants. You will be introduced to the whole giraffe family and even hand-feed them. To top it all up, you will watch the lions as they leave their night quarters and head out to their enclosure. The tour will end at 10:30AM. If you’re still up to it – you could then go on to wander the zoo as you please.



The tour takes about 3 hours.

Prices: 77ILS per person + 700ILS guide fee.

Prices are valid until 31 December, 2024

For reservations and further information please call: 03-6320222

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